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  Fast Quality is the FastRPG motto

Expert Tool

FastRPG is an affordable, easy to learn/use software development tool that generates structured RPG IV and display file DDS code that


exploits the benefits of using subfiles for your business applications.  FastRPG also generates print programs that support up to nine
control levels. 


  This tool creates modular, structured, well documented and easy to understand source code, along  with automatically compiling the screen


DDS and RPG IV programs. You can develop screen and report writing solutions 10 times faster than using manual efforts by using the power

Automatic Generation

of this tool.  

Most companies have a backlog of programming and reporting projects, a shortage of programmers, and/or a programming backlog.

 10 times Faster

You should be able to generate a working and tested program on the very first day after you install FastRPG and go through the tutorial.  
  If you are working on new application development, maintaining in-house developed systems or third-party packages, FastRPG will save you